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Here for your health

How we can help you › Physical Activity

Move More!

Getting more active is important for everyone, no matter what your age or ability.

We are here to support you to find out about and access local groups and classes in your area and provide advice and support to help you and your family move more.

In addition, our simple messaging for physical activity ‘Just Do More’ supports partnerships with local community-based physical activity initiatives and local leisure providers.

Trim Down Shape Up

Free Health Sessions for Men.

Our 12 week course teaches the fundamentals of better health, from perfecting your diet to better managing stress, we have you covered.

Simply refer yourself using our online form or give us a quick call or text. We’ll let you know your best options and get you started ASAP.

If you think you currently do less than an hour of activity a week then we can give you personalised activity support, and you can join our specialist groups to safely increase your fitness levels.

Click below to see what else is available in Oldham, to help you get moving and Get Oldham Active.

Want to get more active and move more?