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How we can help you › Alcohol advice

Drink less alcohol

We provide guidance on safer alcohol drinking across all our support services, helping you or a loved one with simple, realistic messages to help reduce alcohol intake. We start by asking some quick questions to ensure our service is appropriate for you, if not we can support you to access other services in your area.

Our support includes:

  • Group based brief intervention workshops,
  • 1-1 clinics,

In addition to one to one support and group sessions we also offer digital guidance on safer drinking.

Your Health Oldham work closely with Turning Point, who support individuals living in Oldham who are experiencing problems with drugs and/or alcohol.

Get more information on the services Turning Point provide.

Find out if you drink more than the guidelines

Alcohol calculator

Adjust the sliders below to approximate how many units you consume on average daily, or weekly. The results are based on the average strengths of these commonly consumed drinks: beer / cider (4.6%), wine (11.9%), spirits (40%).

On average, every I drink

Beer / Cider

Get alcohol advice and support: