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Tree Planting Project

Elizabeth Woodworth 
(Professional Lead – Smoking Cessation Services, ABL Health)
with Greenacres Primary Academy Pupils

As part of Stoptober 2021, as well as continuing to support smokers to quit, we are aiming to plant 1800 trees across the country in each area that ABL Health delivers a Stop Smoking Service (300 trees split over 6 services). Everyone is aware of the impact that smoking has on our health. Lesser known is the impact that smoking has on the environment.

More than 50 million trees are cut down each year just to help cure (dry) tobacco for cigarettes. Additional trees would need to be felled to manufacture the cigarettes and their packaging.

For every 300 cigarettes produced, one tree would need to be cut down. This works out as one tree being felled every 15 days for someone who smokes 20 cigarettes per day.

To raise awareness of this, and to help discourage our younger generation from taking up smoking, we are working with primary schools to plant trees on their grounds or in a pot, to help offset the impact of the tobacco industry.

As well as planting trees with these schools we are also offering the option to deliver a session/assembly in the schools or provide lessons. This allows us to explain the impact that smoking has both on our health and the environment and to encourage the children to do what they can to protect the environment.

We are also working with local councils to identify areas within the community where we could provide trees too. Councils have space set aside for green development and we are hoping to provide trees for these spaces to help us reach our target of 300 trees in each area we deliver a Stop Smoking Service.

Greenacres Primary Academy in Oldham were the first school to receive their trees and planted four beech trees for their outdoor area which were planted to provide some shelter to their outside reading space.