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Here for your health

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Sarah Lever

Project Manager and Engagement


I’m Sarah Lever, I have a passion! That passion is helping people to live healthier, happier lives for longer. I’m a project manager at ABL with responsibilities in Oldham and across the ABL National footprint.

I grew up in Bolton with a passion to help people become healthier, this in reality was me as an 8 year old hating that my mum was a heavy smoker and desperately wanting to help her quit. So while most of my mates were joining the Jason Donovan fan club, I had a fully paid up membership to the Welephant club. This was a club organised by the fire service. As part of the welcome pack I received a set of stickers with slogans like; ‘Tar is for roads’, ‘Only Salmon should be smoked’, ‘save the ashes for cricket’…you get the picture. Those stickers were placed in the windows, fridge door and slap bang, in the middle of the front page of the newspaper before she had the chance to read it on numerous occasions. I was a pain in the neck… according to my mum. In reality I was an 8 year old girl who didn’t want her mum to die of a smoking related illness! She did quit eventually, and is now much healthier as a result!

So my career choice was always going to be a health related one. My background is in the voluntary and community sector, working on cancer prevention, cancer screening, mental health awareness, accident prevention and lots more important health related issues.

My focus in Oldham is establishing relationships with the professionals who can help us get the right message into the right communities. So we haven’t already met and you fancy a brew and a chat about how we can take things forward together, please get in touch.

I look forward to working with you in the near future, Sarah